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Matahari 2 by dinosaurusgede Matahari 2 by dinosaurusgede
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This story is pure fiction.

Big thanks for :iconkaigaazuko: for her info about Temburong Forrest in Brunei :D
and to :iconxxlovelycutiexx: for her pinoy-culture.tumblr about Sarimanok :D

Philippines is wearing Malong and Singkil outfit, while Malaysia wearing Perak outfit.

=> Temburong District

Temburong is the eastern-most district (daerah) in Brunei. It is an exclave, as it is separated from the rest of Brunei by Malaysia and Brunei Bay. Its capital is Bangar. The main town located in the district is Pekan Bangar.
Brunei's first national park, the Ulu Temburong National Park, is located south of the Temburong district, covering 550 square kilometres of the Temburong forest. The national park has a scientific research centre facility, the Kuala Belalong Rainforest Field Studies Centre, which is only accessible by boat. Source :[link]

Some says the Temburong forest is haunted and there's a big monster there.

=> Sarimanok

The Sarimanok is a legendary bird of the Maranao people who originate from Mindanao, a major island in the Philippines. It comes from the words "sari" and "manok." "Sari" means cloth or garment, which is generally of assorted colors.[1] Manòk, which makes up part of its name, is a Philippine word for chicken.

A Maranao legend also says of a Sultan's daughter being swept by a colorful rooster that became a handsome young man and they were never seen ever again. The Sultan then created replicas of the bird to remember his daughter by.[9] Source :[link]

=> Saka

Locally, ancestral possession is known as ‘‘saka’’,an idiom fromthe Malay word ‘‘pusaka’’, which means heritage. Ancestors are classically shamans or traditional healers, and the choice of benefactor is usually unpredictable but retrospectively understandable. Be-lief in saka is prominent in older generations of people in Kelantan, and in some other states in Malaysia. Kelantan is in the north-east of Malaysia and its people share some cultural values and practices with people in southern Thailand. Saka, or ancestral spirit, is believed to be able to transcend one or more generations. Saka is a special inheritance of healing powers, and upon reception will turn a person into a competent traditional practitioner or healer. Belief in saka is common in north-east Malaysia, as well as in Malays in other states in peninsular Malaysia and east Malaysia. Source :[link]

=> Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand, though it seems at first to have been used for the North Island only.

The most popular and authoritative meaning usually given is “long white cloud”, and there are two stories current to illustrate this. It seems the voyagers to New Zealand were guided during the day by a long white cloud and at night by a long bright cloud. The more usual one tells how, when Kupe was nearing land after his long voyage, the first sign of land was the peculiar cloud hanging over it. Kupe drew attention to it and said “Surely is a point of land”. His wife, Hine-te-aparangi, called out “He ao! He ao!” (a cloud! a cloud!) Later Kupe decided to call the land after his wife's greeting to it, and the cloud which welcomed them. The name Aotea was given both to the Great Barrier and to the North Island, but the latter became Aotearoa, presumably because of its length. Source :[link]

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.
Indonesia Hetalia design based on Himaruya's sketch. ([link])
Cambodia OC and Myanmar OC © :iconmarcusqwj:
Laos OC design © :iconmmmanchovies:
Philippines OC design © :iconlonewolfjc11:
Brunei Darussalam OC design © :iconanvilgurl:
Timor Leste OC design © :iconbentez:
Indonesia aph and Malaysia aph based on Himaruya's sketch. ([link])
Singapore OC design © dinosaurusgede
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