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Matahari 3 by dinosaurusgede Matahari 3 by dinosaurusgede
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This story is pure fiction.

Big thanks for :iconmel-girl: for her info about Māori mythology : Rangi and Papa :D
and to :iconmisschocoholic: for making me fall in love with Aussie-Nesia XP

=> Palapa

Palapa means Spices, more specifically Nutmegs.

The name Palapa also alludes to "Palapa Oath" taken by Gajah Mada, a 14th century Prime Minister of the Javanese Majapahit Empire described in the Pararaton (Book of Kings). Gajah Mada swore that he would not taste any spice, as long as he had not succeeded in unifying Nusantara (the Indonesian archipelago). Source :[link]

=> Asmat (Indonesia)

Asmat Tribe is probably the most well known tribe in Papua (formerly called Irian Jaya). They become famous not only through their head-hunting practices in the past, but also because of their unique ideas and wonderful designs in woodcarving.

The name most probably comes from the Asmat words As Akat, which according to Asmat people means "the right man". Moreover, it's also said that Asmat comes from the word Osamat that means "man from tree". The Asmat's neighbors to the west, the Mimika, however, claim the name is derived from their word for the tribe- "manue", meaning "man eater".
Source :[link]

=> Taungoo Dynasty (Myanmar)

The Toungoo Dynasty (Burmese: တောင်ငူခေတ် [tàʊɴŋù kʰɪʔ]; also spelled Taungoo Dynasty) was the ruling dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from the mid-16th century to 1752. Its early kings Tabinshwehti and Bayinnaung succeeded in reunifying the Pagan Empire for the first time since 1287, and in incorporating the Shan States for the first time. At its peak, the First Toungoo Empire also included Manipur, Chinese Shan States, Siam, and Lan Xang, but the largest empire in the history of Southeast Asia collapsed in 1599, 18 years after Bayinnaung's death. Source :[link]

=> Khmer Empire (Cambodia)

The Khmer Empire was one of the most powerful empires in Southeast Asia. The empire, which grew out of the former kingdom of Chenla, at times ruled over and/or vassalized parts of modern-day Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, and Malaysia.[1] Its greatest legacy is Angkor, in present-day Cambodia, which was the site of the capital city during the empire's zenith. Angkor bears testimony to the Khmer empire's immense power and wealth, as well as the variety of belief systems that it patronised over time. The empire's official religions included Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism, until Theravada Buddhism prevailed, even among the lower classes, after its introduction from Sri Lanka in the 13th century.[2] Recently satellite imaging has revealed Angkor to be the largest pre-industrial urban center in the world.[3] Source :[link]

=> Tūmatauenga

In Māori mythology, Tū or Tūmatauenga (Māori: 'Tū of the angry face') is one of the great gods, and the origin of war. All war-parties were dedicated to him, and he was treated with the greatest respect and awe. He is usually a son of the primordial parent, sky and earth (see Rangi and Papa). In a Te Arawa version, Tūmatauenga advises his brothers to kill their parents Rangi and Papa in order to allow light and space into the world, but the kinder proposal of Tāne is accepted and instead the primordial pair are forced apart. Tūmatauenga thinks about the actions of Tāne in separating their parents, and makes snares to catch the birds, the children of Tāne, who can no longer fly free. He then makes nets, and traps the children of Tangaroa. He makes hoes to dig the ground, capturing his brothers Rongo and Haumia-tiketike, heaping them into baskets to be eaten. The only brother that Tūmatauenga cannot subdue completely is Tāwhirimātea, whose storms and hurricanes attack humankind to this day because of his indignation at the actions of his brothers (Grey 1971:7-10).

Although Rangi and Papa were not human in form, Tūmatauenga and his brothers were. Humankind - the descendants of Tū - increased upon the earth, until the generation of Māui and his brothers (Grey 1956:8-11, Tregear 1891:540).
Tūmatauenga's actions provide a pattern for human activities. Because Tūmatauenga defeated his brothers, people can now, if they perform the appropriate rituals, kill and eat birds (the children of Tāne), fish (the children of Tangaroa), cultivate and harvest food plants (the children of Rongo and Haumia-tiketike), and generally harness the resources of the natural world. Tūmatauenga is also the originator of warfare, and people make war now because Tūmatauenga provided the example. When rituals were performed over warriors before a battle, or when an infant was dedicated to a future role as a fighter, Tūmatauenga was invoked as the source of their duty. The body of the first warrior to fall in a battle was often offered up to Tūmatauenga. While Tūmatauenga is the origin of war, powerful local deities such as Kahukura, Maru or Uenuku were also called upon in time of war (Orbell 1998:185-186).
Source :[link] ; [link]

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.
Indonesia Hetalia design based on Himaruya's sketch. ([link])
Cambodia OC and Myanmar OC © :iconmarcusqwj:
Laos OC design © :iconmmmanchovies:
Philippines OC design © :iconlonewolfjc11:
Brunei Darussalam OC design © :iconanvilgurl:
Timor Leste OC design © :iconbentez:
Indonesia aph and Malaysia aph based on Himaruya's sketch. ([link])
Singapore OC design © dinosaurusgede
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