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Yang Tersayang 1 by dinosaurusgede Yang Tersayang 1 by dinosaurusgede
Next page :[link]

*translation : Dearly Beloved

Namayan kingdom attires inspired by the Golden Tara Statue of Agusan. See ([link] ; [link])

Who says that the history of Precolonial Philippines are lost entirely?

Alright, I'm starting a new shipping!
This shipping aims to deliver the Precolonial past of Philippines through the many interactions with Indonesian Empires. The point of view taken starting from the oldest Precolonial Philippines document : Laguna Copperplate Inscription (9th century), which mentioned Medang (Indonesia) and Namayan (Philippines). To Majapahit-Namayan political marriages, Java-Butuan gold trade, Visayas-Indonesia trade, etc.

The Namayan-Philippines motherly scene was inspired from :iconcoolsk8tergurl123: drawing : When I can't See You Again ([link]) :iconasdfghplz: beautiful...


=> Laguna Copperplate

The Laguna Copperplate Inscription dated 900 AD (Saka Era year 822) is considered to be the end of prehistory as far as documents are concerned. It was found in the Laguna de Bay of Manila. In 1989, the National Museum acquired it. The inscription forgives the descendants of Namwaran from a debt of 926.4 grams of gold, and is granted by the chief of Tondo (an area in Manila) and the authorities of Paila, Binwangan and Pulilan, which are all locations in Luzon. The words are a mixture of Sanskrit, Old Malay, Old Javanese and Old Tagalog. The subject matter proves the highly developed society that existed in the Philippines prior to the Spanish colonization, as well as refuting earlier claims of the Philippines being a cultural isolate in Asia; the references to the Chief of Medang in Indonesia claim the cultural and trade links with various other affiliated empires and territories in other parts of the Malay Archipelago, particularly the Srivijaya empire. By the 9th century, a highly developed society had already established several hierarchies with set professions: The Datu or ruling class, the Maharlika or noblemen, the Timawa or freemen, and the dependent class which is divided into two, the Aliping Namamahay (Slave) and Aliping Saguiguilid (common workers).One example of pre-Spanish Philippine script on a burial jar, derived from Brahmi survives, as most of the writing was done on perishable bamboo or leaves; an earthenware burial jar dated 1200s or 1300s with script was found in Batangas. This script is called in Tagalog Baybayin or Alibata. Source :[link]

=> Empress Sasaban of The Philippines

The Kingdom of Namayan can be considered as the precursor of modern Metro Manila. With its capital in Sapa, known today as Santa Ana, Namayan encompassed present-day City of Manila, Mandaluyong City, San Juan, Makati City, Pasay City, Pateros, Taguig and Parañaque City, now all parts of Metro Manila. It is said that in the 13th century a Namayan princess was given away in marriage to the heir of the Javanese Madjapahit Empire (1292-1478) and subsequently reigned as Empress Sasaban. Source :[link]

=> Negarakertagama Tome

The Nagarakretagama or Nagarakrtagama, also known as Desawarnana, is an Old Javanese eulogy to Hayam Wuruk, a Javanese king and the monarch of the Majapahit Empire. It was written as a kakawin by Mpu Prapanca in 1365 (or 1287 Saka year).[1] The Nagarakretagama contains detailed descriptions of the Majapahit Empire during its greatest extent. The poem affirms the importance of Hindu–Buddhism in the Majapahit empire by describing temples and palaces and several ceremonial observances. Source :[link]

Brunei belong to :iconchoco-java:
Philippines belongs to :iconhikarishichiyou:
Namayan, Medang, Majapahit, Indonesia belongs to :icondinosaurusgede:
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.
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I am indeed awed by your researching skills and knowledge when it comes to history. XD
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