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February 20, 2012
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maaf 489 by dinosaurusgede maaf 489 by dinosaurusgede
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Those three are siting on a chair. a bums-shaped chair.

Inspired by Hindi Movie "3 idiots". Source : [link]
and a youtube video "Word of the Day - Pwned" by Dr. Hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic (aka. NIGAHIGA), video :[link]

=>Akbar The Great
Akbar is remembered by both Eastern and Western historians as one of the most enlightened rulers of the medieval ages. Akbar’s religious tolerance was unusual for the time period; partly this tolerance was born out of practicalities. He is perhaps best known for recognizing the importance of tolerance, which was paramount to his dynasty's longterm viability. A ruling class of Muslims could only last so long if its Hindu subjects lacked the opportunities and respect necessary for their own success. Therefore, Akbar removed the tax on Hindus, despite the traditional mandate in Islam to tithe non-believers, and invited scores of religious scholars, including Hindus, Jews, and Christians, to debate him personally in his private chambers, often late into the night. Akbar's wives were also of different religious backgrounds - each marriage was thus a strategic union that would allow the adherents of India's many faiths to feel that they too were apart of the royal household. Source :[link]

=> Aa Gym (Abdullah Gymnastiar)
One of the most well known Islamic preachers in Indonesia. He used to be well known as an excellent preacher, a successful businessman, a great husband for his wife and a loving father for his children. An almost perfect man according to his fans. His place in Geger Kalong, Bandung, used to be full packed with people who wanted to listen to his preach and get some enlightenment from such an inspiring man.

But it all came to an end when Aa Gym decided to have a second wife. Most of his fans (mostly housewives) turned their backs and labeled him as hypocrite. My lady neighbor emotionally said, "I won’t come to his preach again 'cause it's very disappointing to have someone I admire doing polygamy. It doesn’t only hurt the feeling of his first wife but it hurts the feeling of all women being. And more worryingly, as an influential man in society he can motivate other men to do the same thing...". I nodded my head like million times and had to hide my chuckle while listening to her ramble, imagining how much longer she would have rambled on if it had been her own husband who’d had another wife.

Well, Aa Gym indeed makes some mistakes in his life. But who doesn’t? If he and his wife(s) think that it is the best path for their life, who are we telling them what to do? A preacher is just human after all. There is no guarantee that all he does and says is perfect according to human being. Maybe it is the people who idolize him too much. Or it might give a lesson that people should look less at “who is speaking” and pay more attention to the substance of “what is spoken” instead. And finally, the moral of this story: Never walk in anyone’s shadow, because shadow can only appear when you walk through the light. If the person you follow walks through the darkness, the shadow will disappear and you’ll be lost. Source :[link]

Hetalia, England aph, Spain aph, Egypt aph, Italy aph, Macau aph & Netherlands aph belonged to Himaruya H.
Spice Islands is Maluku Islands in Indonesia.
Indonesia aph, Malaysia aph & Portugal aph based on Himaruya's sketch. ([link])
India OC & Mughal OC design by dinosaurusgede
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The '3 idiots' panel must be the absolute greatest thing ever put on paper. Seriously...I love you and this doujin is absolutely amazing. <3
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